• Superior Floor Display

    10 or 20 pockets


Place information exactly where it’s needed

  • Sizes


  • Format


  • Pockets


  • Pocket colors

    Red | blue | yellow | green | white | black | light grey | medium grey | anthracite

  • Material

    Manufactured in painted metal with a lightly structured surface.


    Receptions, showrooms, offices, stores

Choose your own style

Choose from 9 different pocket colors

Special pockets

You can choose different types of pocket for your display system

Quick Load pocket

With convenient opening, which makes insertion and replacement of documents easy and fast.

Brochure pocket

Pocket with depth for storing brochures. Practical section makes it easy to get brochures in and out.

Whiteboard pocket

Whiteboard pocket to write on directly with an ordinary whiteboard marker. Pen holder is included.

Xtra pocket

Xtra pocket allows you to expand your system with up to 15 pockets. Place on top of existing pocket.

Business card pocket

With business card pocket, you always have your business cards at hand. The pocket can hold 10 business cards.

QuickLoad pockets

Ensures easy and quick insertion and replacement of documents


Item ref.SizePockets
* HD96301_1-xxA410
** HD96301_2-xxA410
* HD96305_1-xxA510
** HD96305_2-xxA510

Pocket colors: replace xx with: 20=assorted. 20g=assorted grey. 21=red. 22=blue. 23=yellow. 24=green. 25=white. 26=black. 27=light grey. 28=medium grey. 29=anthracite

* _1 = Light grey structred finish  |  ** _2 = Black structured finish


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