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  • A4 Charteque

    With silk screen print, PP

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    Soft PVC

  • A4 Charteque

    With silk screen print in 3 colours, PP

Pockets and charteques

Charteques and pockets are normally made of PP foil. PP film is copy-safe, which means that photocopies can sit in the charteque or pocket for a long time without damage or “stick” to the inside of your pocket or charteque.


Our automatic welding machine makes pockets and charteques in sizes from A7 to B4 (A4 oversize).
But do you need a smaller or larger size, we can make that as well.
We tailor your pockets and charteques exactly as you want them.


Charteques (or plastic covers) are open at the top and right side, with finger hole through the top layer of foil.
Pockets are generally open at the top and have a punched edge to the left, so it can be put into a ring binder or folder.
Pocket charteques also have a punched edge on the left side and are open at the top and to the left.
A special variant is the “pocket charteques with slit”, which is only partly open on the left side.


By default, we use a slightly embossed 110 micron low-slip film to charteques.
Low- slippage means the chartequene do not slip, even if they are places in a stack on top of each other on the desktop.
Although 110 micron foils provides charteques in a good quality, we also have 180 my foil as standard when it must be especially good.
Pockets and charteques are normally made in the 100-120 micron foil; either in a clear or in a slightly embossed foil.


In connection with the welding of pockets and charteques it is possible to heat stamp logo or text with foil or as blind embossing. Basically, we can do two colors in format 40 x 80 mm, but do you have other ideas, we will also find a solution.
If the print must be very large, or if the logo color does not exist as hot foil, both pockets and charteques can be printed silk-screened instead.


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