With extra flap, elastic closure, elevated embossment
    No. 140-01


    Silk screen print
    No. 140-02


    Blind embossing
    No. 140-03


    Silk screen print with elevated embossment
    No. 140-04


    Silk screen print
    No. 140-05


    Full surface silk screen print
    No. 140-06


    Full surface silk screen print, A3
    No. 140-07


    3-sided, pen holder, volume pocket, elastic closure
    No. 140-08

Nature ringbinders with print and logo

The raw

Nature ring binders are made in raw cardboard – therefore they are often called raw cardboard binders. Raw cardboard is a common term for cardboard qualities that are suitable for ring binders without any further finishing or protection – the cardboard can endure being raw.


We produce ring binders in exactly the size you need. The most common sizes fit content in A4 and A5. But if you need a small binder for content in A6 or A7 format we can make that as well. If your wish for a bigger ring binder to fit content in A3 or even A2, this is also possible.

If you are to other sizes than the A format, it is no problem.

We tailor your binder exactly as you want them.


Many measure the width of the back of a ring binder to determine its size. That is one way to do it. Another way of doing this, is to measure how much the rings can contain.

We have, by and large, every mechanism size and type in stock, from the smallest with rings that can contain 7-8 mm to the largest, which can contain 80 mm.

And of course we have mechanisms with 2, 3 and 4 rings, so they can be used in Sweden or in the United States as well.

The usual mechanism types are round rings, D-rings and Q-rings as well as lever-arch (binder mechanism).


The best-known cardboard quality is “black” Köhlerboard, which is a very compact, smooth and hard recycled cardboard.

If you wish a deeper black ring binder than the black Köhlerboard, there is another option is the cardboard type; EskaBlack xtra. Other suitable cardboards types could be; gray recycled cardboard with smooth or rough uncoated surface. Or compact colored paperboards with smooth or patterned surface, colored in the color that you want.

It is possible in certain cardboard qualities to make dividers in the same cardboard type and the same color as the ring binder.


The concept of finishing covers the options for adding the binder an additional finish or a graphic effect, eg. by adding silk screen print onto the binder sides and back.

One variation could be to use partial UV varnish (matte or glossy) which can give very spectacular results. Another option is digital printing. A third possibility is blind embossing or embossing with foil colors.

Nature ring binders are usually made with rounded corners, because the corners are the week spot of this type of binder. Another way to strengthen the binder is to mount metal corners.

If there is a need for business card pockets, corner pockets or other types of pockets, we have a wide selection of self-adhesive pockets.


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