• Magazine cassette

    No. 320-01

  • Magazine cassette

    No. 320-01

  • A4 Magazine cassette

    Silk screen print
    No. 320-02

Flex boxes

Flex cartons, boxes and cassettes welded in soft PVC foils or in a combination of soft and hard foils which are suitable for printing and embossing. It is strong boxes and boxes made to be used.


The most common sizes fit content in A4 and A5. But do you need a box or cassette in another size, we can make that as well.

We tailor your cartons and boxes exactly as you want them.


The most common type is the magazine cassette. It is basically a cassette with sides consisting of a core in cardboard which there are welded on two layers of foil. Magazine cassettes delivered flat and are folded up in seconds.

Another type is the collection cassette for example for several ring binders or magazine cassettes.

Soft PVC foil is particularly suitable for binding cassettes and boxes.


The soft PVC foils, a characteristic feature of Flex products, are available in countless colors and varieties. From the completely smooth foil to a thick foil with a soft surface, to foils resembling leather, snakeskin, wood, metallic chequer plates, or …

Yes, the possibilities are endless.


The concept of finishing covers the options for adding the cassettes and boxes an additional finish or a graphic effect.

One option is silk screen print or emboss with foil colors directly on the foil of the cassettes or boxes sides and top/back (the soft, foam foils show great results with depth embossing with or without foil). Another option is to combine different types of foils and foil colors. A third option is to weld on pockets or weld out “windows”.


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