• Ticket coupon sleeve

    with offset print
    No. 620-01

  • Ticket coupon sleeve

    Soft PVC
    No. 620-02


    Inside pockets and “window” in front
    No. 620-03

  • Ticket coupon sleeve

    Soft PVC
    No. 620-04

  • Ticket coupon sleeve

    Soft PVC with offset or silk screen print
    No. 620-05

  • Cover for travel documents

    Soft PVC, silk-screen printing and inside pockets
    No. 620-06

  • Ticket coupon sleeve

    silk-screen printing and reflective corners
    No. 620-07

  • Auto folder

    With inside pockets
    No. 620-08


    Soft PVC foil, silk screen print and reinforced suspension
    No. 620-09


    With suspension
    No. 620-10

Cases and sleeves

Cases and sleeves are welded in soft PVC foils or in a combination of soft and hard foils, which are suitable for print and embossing. It is strong covers and sleeves made to be used. Soft PVC is a very tough material that can withstand constant use in wet and dirty environments.


The most common sizes are content in A4 and A5. But do you need a smaller or a bigger case, it’s no problem.

We tailor your cases and sleeves exactly as you want them.


Most people know sleeves for tickets or encountered cases with drills and saw blades in the construction market.

It is the basic shape of the simple Flex sleeve/case, where the back is a colored film and the front is made from clear film. Flex cases or sleeves can be varied in countless ways, depending on the use. They can be fitted with mountings holes, with a zipper or even have welded a printed matter. Or they can consist of several layers, and thus have multiple pockets on top of each other.

Soft PVC foil is particularly suitable for cases which must be able to be in your pocket or be used outdoors.


The soft PVC foils, which are characterized for Flex cases/sleeves, available in numerous colors and variants. From the completely smooth film to a thick soft film with a soft surface, to foils that resemble leather, snakeskin, wood, corrugated sheet metal, or … yes the possibilities are endless.

It is also possible to produce Flex Cases in PP foil, but the range of foil qualities are limited in terms of the availability of films in PVC.


The concept “finishing” covers the possibilities for adding extra finish or a graphic effect to the sleeves.

One option is to print with screen printing or stamp with foil colors directly onto the foil on the inside of the sleeve (the soft, foamed foils shows great results with depth embossing with or without foil). Another option is to combine different types of foil and foil colors. A third option is to weld pockets or weld “windows”.

A fourth option is to supplement the sleeves with reflective foil (used mostly to cover for buses and trains).


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